Monday, August 1, 2011

monday is for bullet lists.

  • This month, in an effort to be more connected to the blogosphere, I'm participating in VEDA, which stands for Vlog Every Day in August. (Never heard of it? Go here to get the info and sign up if you'd like!) I rarely vlog - I've only done it twice - but I've always wanted to do it more often, so this is the perfect way to accomplish that goal. Plus? I think it's going to be super fun. I won't be posting many (or any) videos here, unless I find one particularly worth sharing. If you aren't participating but still want to follow along, click here and subscribe to my channel.

  • I'm coming off of another awesome weekend today. After an afternoon of (successful!) shopping, I headed to E's house on Saturday and we went to a graduation/birthday/new job party for one of his friends. It was a laid-back barbecue, so I spent most of my time lounging in lawn chairs with a beer in my hand, watching the boys plan Kan Jam and bonding with a few of E's friends. On Sunday, we slept in and spent the early afternoon hours snuggling in bed, E with his new Macbook, showing me all the cool stuff on it, and me with my crappy Dell laptop, enviously glaring at him. We headed out to meet Natalie, her fiance, and a couple of their friends for dinner, a last-minute addition and great end to our weekend.

  • My youngest cousin turned seventeen yesterday and I just feel so old. Being seven years older than him, I can vividly remember playing with and taking care of him when my mom babysat. The fact that he now has a job, will be able to drive, towers over me, has gotten past the awkward teenager phase and now hugs me when I see him? I can't deal with it. He needs to stop growing up.

  • I've restarted my sugar fast, although this weekend I definitely cheated. A lot. I got through Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday without any at all. On Friday, plans fell through with E and I got moody about it, so I splurged and had an ice pop. Saturday I had two cookies, and Sunday I went all-out and had a green tea frappuccino from Starbucks, two cookies, a Kit Kat bar, and some peach rings. Whoops. I plan to start it up again tomorrow and go most (or all) of the week without it.