Thursday, July 28, 2011

wine and love [vol. 6].

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Hand me the wine glass...
  • For whatever reason, we've had an influx of bugs in our house. Not a crazy amount - it's not like we have an infestation or need to call an exterminator - but over the past week, there have been about four or five, found either in the den or my bedroom. They're all the same type of bug and I'm getting really tired of them flying around suddenly and scaring the crap out of me.

  • When I was painting my room, I did a sloppy job around the edges and got some of the purple paint I was using on the ceiling. So, I went to touch it up... only to find out it's not the same color. I thought my ceiling was white, but I was mistaken, because I touched it up with white and the shades don't match. Which means I get to repaint the whole thing, and that's just a royal pain in the ass.

  • I weighed myself the other day and I it turns out I lost about three pounds since last month. The reason this is on the wine list is because I really shouldn't be losing weight -- I'm already skinny as it is and dipping below the 120-pound mark (I'm 5'7") makes me uncomfortable. More worrisome is that I can't tell if it's from changing my eating habits (more fruits/veggies/protein and less pasta/bread) or if my IBS is getting that bad that I'm losing weight from it, which really wouldn't be good.
Things I'm loving...
  • I've reached this point in my relationship with E where... I feel really secure, I guess is the best way to put it. I've stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop and wondering if my quirks or flaws are going to drive him away. It's a really great feeling.

  • Speaking of my relationship, sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure this is real life. I'm a pretty lucky girl, I must say (and a happy one, too).

  • I applied for my dream job last week. It involves working with students on a college campus to plan activities and events, which is basically what I was doing in college (I was part of the Residence Hall Association). And the icing on the cake? I would get free housing... and the campus is mere minutes away from E's house. Obviously I'm most excited about the job, but I can't help adding an extra bit of giddiness at the prospect of living about twenty minutes from my boyfriend. Please cross your fingers that I get an interview and that they love me!

  • Aside from the mismatched ceiling paint, I absolutely love the color I picked for my room. Eventually I'll stop being lazy and take some pictures to compare the before and after.

  • Even though we've had really hot weather here, I've been able to manage without air conditioning at night. Instead, I open my window, put on my fan for a breeze, and fall asleep to the peaceful sound of the crickets chirping outside.

  • I picked up my shoes for BFF Wedding #1 (which is the nickname I've given Danielle's wedding in September; #2 is Natalie's in April, and #3 is Melissa's). I welcome any opportunity where new shoes are a necessity, because then I don't feel guilty about buying them.