Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ten on tuesday [vol. 31].

1. How do you pronounce the word aunt? Does your pronunciation rhyme with ‘haunt’ or ‘can’t'?
I used to say it the way that rhymes with 'haunt' when I was a teenager because I thought I was being super mature that way. Then I decided that, coming from me, it just sounded pretentious. Now the way I say it rhymes with 'can't' which is how everyone else I know says it.

2. Do most of the people in your life know you blog? Or are you partially or totally anonymous?
Somewhat. My immediate family 'knows' about my blog, but not really the extent of it. I don't talk about it in any capacity except if I receive something in the mail from a blog friend. My close friends know about and read my blog (hi guys!). E discovered it before I told him about it and used to check in from time to time, but I don't think he does anymore.

I'd say I'm partially anonymous. I use my real name and talk generally about my life, but I'm careful not to drop specific details on the blog. My goal is to keep from linking my 'real life' identity to my blog, mostly so that potential future employers don't stumble on it, but I have no problem sharing my identity with bloggers.

3. When you grocery shop, do you prefer to bag your own groceries or do you like it when the store bags them for you? Paper, plastic, or reusable bags?
When I was younger, I loved bagging groceries for my mom. I prefer bagging them myself, but when I'm shopping alone, it's difficult because I'm trying to pay and get out of the way of the next person in line. In that situation, it's easier for the cashier to do some, or all, of it. I don't grocery shop often, so I'm always forgetting to bring reusable bags, which means I go for plastic.

4. Do you have a green thumb?
Not really. The idea of gardening sounds enticing, but seems like too much work. My dad used to garden and I would help him, but we always half-assed it, so the perfectionist in me thinks the real thing must take way too much effort.

5. If you watch the Food Network, which chef/show host is your favorite?
I used to watch the Food Network like it was my job. Nowadays I occasionally watch it, particularly when there's nothing else on TV. Picking a favorite is like making me pick a favorite child - I just can't. If you force me, I'll have to say Alton followed closely by Giada and Ina. (Yes, I refer to them only by first name.)

6. Do you like to take baths? Do you take them very often?
Love them. I don't get around to it as often as I'd like, though.

7. What color are the walls in your kitchen?
Pale, pale orange. Almost peach, I guess.

8. Do you prefer to dine outdoors or indoors?
Outdoors! We don't do a lot of it here at home, however, because we don't really have a nice patio or anything on which to set up a table.

9. Describe your ideal weather.
Temperature in the high seventies, low eighties. No humidity, clear skies, and a light breeze.

10. If you could learn any foreign language, which would you choose to learn?
I would really love to learn French - I was always jealous of the girls in high school who took French instead of Spanish. On the other hand, E's family speaks Spanish (many as a primary language) and while I took four years of classes in middle and high school, I recall very, very little. If E and I are going to be together for a while, it would be nice to learn so that I could understand what people are saying and, at best, be able to have conversations with them.

(Also, the part of my brain that launches itself into the far future at any possible opportunity wants you to know that if E and I stayed together and got married, I would likely pursue this realistically, either taking a class or getting a program or something. Because I'm adorable like that.)

These questions are a part of Ten on Tuesday which is run by the wonderful Chelsea of Roots and Rings.