Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer goals.


I’m constantly making goals around here, which is weird because until recently, I thought making goals was a little silly. I figured I would be better off living life day-to-day. I didn’t see this as aimless but more as taking things as they come and trusting that what was ‘supposed’ to happen in my life would.

There are a few goals I’ve set for this month, most of them rolling over from previous months. Instead of limiting myself to June, I’m going to allocate some bigger ones to summer. The little ones – like making doctor’s appointments – I will still intend on accomplishing by the end of the month (it’s on my calendar to make those appointments this week, so I’m putting my foot down).

Without further ado, here are my Summer Goals.

Get on a regular, normal-person schedule. I’ve finally taken the initiative to identify a more specific set of goals than just “get healthy” – I have a subset of goals and how exactly I plan to achieve them. This one is absolutely crucial because not only do I need to start feeling better but one of my best friends is getting married in September and I need to be in tip-top shape to be a supportive bridesmaid and friend.

Journal more and work through some of my recurring 'issues'. Working on Joy Juice has already kick-started this for me. I adore having specific prompts and questions to think and write about. However, there are also some issues (about things like my past and my personality quirks) that keep my brain up at night. Writing about them will help me work through them and this summer is my chance to do just that. I don’t expect to settle everything, but I hope to tie up a few loose ends in my mind.

Read more. Simple, really. I plan on taking the “to-read” list I have on Goodreads, print it out, write down call numbers, and make my way to the library a few times every month.

Jazz up this space. My blog is almost three and a half, so it’s high time I got a big-girl web address and a pretty new layout.

Like many others, I see summer as a time to really tackle some goals. I don't know if it's the nicer weather or what, but I find energy and inspiration in these three months. Let's see what the summer of 2011 will bring for me.