Wednesday, April 20, 2011

let's be friends?

Life is pretty fantastic at the moment, but I tried writing about it and couldn't come up with much in the way of coherent thoughts. If I could post a huge smiley face, paragraphs of bubbly hearts, and a couple of cupcakes, then I'd have a post communicating how I felt.

While I find my words, here are a few places outside of this blog where we should be friends.
  • Facebook. Are we Facebook friends? If your answer is no, remedy this situation immediately! Click the pretty button over on my sidebar (click through if you're viewing this in a reader).
  • Twitter. Follow me @princesscait if you aren't already!
  • Goodreads. I'm trying desperately to incorporate reading into my life and am always looking for recommendations. Become my friend over there so I can add more books to my to-read shelf.
  • Tumblr. I tend to reblog a lot of Glee, Harry Potter, and dance-related things, but there are also a fair number of pretty pictures and quotes that resonate with me. Follow me if you like!
  • Pinterest. This is my newest obsession, so if you're a fellow pinner, add me as a friend so we can share pretty things with each other.
I've also been brainstorming a few things for this blog, like (finally) getting my own domain name and having someone talented come in and do a redesign. I'm a terrible procrastinator, so I'm sure these decisions won't be made for a few weeks, but be on the look-out anyway!