Friday, April 15, 2011

grace in small things.

{Nana's tree; planted at my cousin's house. I always think of her & my pop-pop around this time of year.}
  • all of last Friday and Saturday, which included but was not limited to: attending a house party and being way too old for it; being decent at flip cup even though I've never played; meeting the rest of E's hometown friends; watching him interact with said friends; interesting conversations throughout the night; hanging out the next day; going out to dinner with his family for his dad's birthday; having that warm and fuzzy feeling in my stomach basically the entire two days
  • getting up early on Sunday to see Hop with the dance girls, which was adorable and also pretty funny
  • planning Easter desserts and a little surprise project
  • confirming that E will be joining me on Easter and meeting (most of) my dad's side of the fam, and being extremely excited because I think (hope!) everyone's going to get along fabulously
  • figuring out my feelings, taking chances, and just being randomly happy
  • being relatively successful with eating healthier and exercising every day
  • day dreaming about my future
  • beautiful weather
Happy Friday! What little things are making you smile?