Wednesday, February 2, 2011

so long, january; hello february.

Aside from the heaps of snow Mother Nature bestowed upon my town, resulting in a sore back and a sick Cait, January has been very kind to me.

I got a midnight kiss from and started dating a wonderful guy who is really a breath of fresh air in my life. We’ve spent this month getting to know each other even more and tackling the (very massive) List of Movies Cait Has Never Seen But Should Have. He’s supportive and kind, likes the same music I do, and is willing to eat the Lifesavers I don’t want even if he hates the flavor.

I turned 24 and reflected on being in such a better place this year than last. My emotional debts about many things were settled and this month only reinforced a lot of things. Reconnections were abound – catching up with Ashley, a wedding-obsessed discussion with my two engaged best friends, wine and laughter with my cousin, closure and a point of understanding with Mark, and discussions that necessitated my Safety Scarf with Melissa. I also made new connections in the wee early hours of 2011 with the girls who’ll be my fellow bridesmaids in Natalie’s wedding.

I’ve grown to think less and feel more, to live in the moment and not worry so much. I’ve overcome, to a small degree, the stress I get from traveling. I’ve become quite the texting pro, though I’m sure E would tell you that I’m still a slowpoke. I’ve felt lighter and happier, believing more that things will get figured out and less like my life is over.

And now, a quick resolution check-in:

Get healthy. Nope. I was still in holiday recovery mode and then I came down with a cold, so all hope has been lost for now.

Work on my anxiety. Somewhat. I’ve started re-reading an anxiety book that I read a while back before I thought it applied to me. Now I’m reading it with a fresh outlook and hoping it will be a helpful precursor to going into therapy.

Live in the moment. Yes, and it’s been wonderful. I still over-think things in my spare time, but when it comes to the actual moment, I just go with my gut.

Stay in touch. Yes and no. I’ve been good about seeing mostly everyone, but not so much on following up. Ideally I would like to be in communication with my friends more frequently, even if it’s just through a random text or e-mail, and I haven’t accomplished that.

Be me and stop worrying what other people think. For the most part, yes. I’ve been honest with E about my health/anxiety and have acted like a complete goofball in front of him without a care. But, again, in my spare time I worry about it a bit.

Some additional goals I have for myself this month: successfully complete a secret project for my friends; start eating healthy; apply to jobs (and hopefully get one!); schedule a dental appointment; learn to cook at least two new meals; read at least one book.

I'm just as excited for February as I was for January. Let's keep it going, 2011.