Monday, February 28, 2011

he ran into my knife ten times.

Things that happened this weekend:
  • I battled a Mysterious Illness (I tested negative for strep and mono) that made me feel like my throat was being ripped to shreds.
  • We celebrated a belated Christmas on my dad's side of the family for my cousin and his girlfriend.
  • A new (albeit incredibly second-hand-embarrassing) family joke was developed.
  • I traveled to all the drugstores and dollar stores in the area and could not find a police badge for E's costume.
  • I baked two batches of cookies and a couple dozen red velvet cupcakes.
  • Target had colorful tights on clearance and I had to stop myself from buying a pair in every single color.
  • Melissa hosted a kick-ass Oscar Watching-slash-Costume Party. See her recap here.
  • My hooker boots made their return and were actually appropriate for the occasion - my costume (we had to dress from a previously-awarded Best Picture film):

    One of the six merry murderesses of Cook County Jail (from Chicago).
    {picture stolen from Melissa}

  • I won the ballot contest, which is kind of a miracle because I hadn't seen any of the movies on the list and guessed (pretty hastily) on most things. I also beat E by just one point; he's not happy about it.
  • Wine consumption.
  • I had the ever-awkward "oh hey I have a blog" conversation with E. Doubly awkward? He'd already been reading without my knowledge. I wanted to melt into the floor.
  • E and I stayed up way too late talking, which was good and bad - good because of the conversations we were having, bad because they were happening at four in the morning.
So, how was your weekend?