Thursday, January 13, 2011

never alone.

{Dancing to Britney Spears; Christmas 2008}

Last night I had the most perfect date night with Lyndsay. She gave me a PostSecret book for my birthday and we bonded over the secrets we loved. We ordered Chili's To-Go, curled up in our sweats on the sofa and cried our faces off to P.S. I Love You (seriously, why did I even bother putting on makeup?). There were discussions about anxiety, family, and boys, particularly how much she wanted to meet E because I seemed so darn happy.

The night ended with an empty bottle of Chardonnay, hugs, and a rekindled friendship that I deeply missed. Although we've had our issues, she will forever be the person I can go to for anything, one of my biggest cheerleaders, and the little sister I never had.

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