Monday, January 31, 2011

everyone likes lists!


I had grand plans to sit at my computer all weekend and type away, expecting that my thoughts would suddenly arrange themselves into coherent posts. That... didn't happen.

Of course, part of the problem is that I've contracted my annual winter cold and have subsequently become completely useless. I move from my bed to the sofa in the den to the kitchen table, leaving behind garbage cans full of tissues while moping, drinking tea, and eating soup. Okay, so that only happened today - I had plans Thursday (bumming around here with E), Friday (bumming around at Dunkin with Mark) and Saturday (bumming around at Melissa's) and was feeling well enough for all of them. I thought, oh good, I didn't get it that bad and I've recovered already. Wrong.

I did, however, rifle through my "blog ideas" folder on my computer and found a half-finished list of random facts. Since it's Monday and you probably don't want to read a real post anyway, and because I made you guys share some fun facts about yourselves, here's a list of tidbits about me!
  1. When I’m typing a document in Word, I like to set the margins to 0.5" because it’s more aesthetically pleasing to me.
  2. If I’m in the process of typing something and I misspell or decide to change a word, I erase all the way back and retype it.
  3. In the shower, I stand on my tiptoes when I’m rinsing the shampoo out of my hair.
  4. I bite my nails mostly out of boredom, not nerves.
  5. I eat almost all candy and some types of food in a certain order, like by color or flavor, even when there aren’t distinctive flavors (like M&Ms).
  6. I don’t understand the purpose or appeal of Swiss cheese – I think it tastes like wax.
  7. Dancing is one of the only things I feel 100% comfortable doing in front of a crowd.
  8. I choreograph dances in my mind on a daily basis while I’m listening to music, probably ones I’m not even capable of actually executing.
  9. I have two thumb-print-sized birthmarks on my back; my dad says they are thumbprints from God to say “she’s done.” (Which is odd, considering he struggles with his faith these days.)
  10. Knee socks are my favorite winter accessory, a habit I picked up from wearing a uniform throughout high school.