Monday, December 13, 2010

my christmas wish & lust lists.

Last week was unusually busy for me - family visiting for the wake and funeral of my great uncle, taking a trip to visit my cousin and shop all day, another wake for my dance teacher's mother, more shopping around here, work, grabbing dinner with E, working at my cat shelter's bake sale, and spending some quality time with my aunt. All in the span of six days.

On Sunday I was able to breathe and relax a bit, catch up on blogs, and plan out the rest of my Christmas tasks. I also took some time to come up with tidy little wish and lust lists. My wish list is made up of some realistic things I'd like, while my lust list is made up of some more extravagant items.

Wish List
  • A mouse pad. I know it seems silly, but mine is dirty and worn.
  • iTunes gift card. I've been meaning to build up my iTunes library with more of my favorites, like Michael Jackson and Ingrid Michaelson, but I'm a cheapskate and hate spending too much money on music.

  • Belts. Currently, I only own one elastic fashion belt (shown in the picture above) that I wear with nearly everything. It's just one of those things I never think about getting for myself.
  • Fashion jewelry. Ditto to the belt. I have a couple of big, chunky necklaces, but I could always use more.
  • Cardigans. You can never have too many cardigans.
  • A Snuggie. My room (and house in general) is always freezing and a Snuggie would actually be useful.
  • Music from The Nutcracker. Despite loving The Nutcracker to pieces and knowing each and every song by heart, I actually do not own a Nutcracker album.
Lust List
  • Cupcake Courier. Cupcakes are my favorite baked good of choice and this would make it so much easier to transport them everywhere.
  • Michael Jackson The Experience for Wii. Michael Jackson + dancing + Wii = amazeballs.

  • Glitter Uggs. These were featured on Oprah's Favorite Things and I just about died. I want all three pairs.
  • A new phone. I desperately want a Smartphone, but I don't have the money for a data plan right now.