Friday, December 10, 2010

grace in small things.

It's been a long, long while since I've done one of these posts, but I think I'll pick up the habit again. Collecting my lovely moments at the end of every week is good for my soul.
  • Getting a great big hug from my favorite little girl, Isabella (my dance teacher's daughter). I haven't spent too much time with her recently wasn't sure she remembered me now that she's a bit older, but when I showed up at the wake on Wednesday night, she smiled and ran right up to me and nearly bowled me over.

  • Finding the perfect game for Christmas on my shopping trip with Lynds - it's based on A Christmas Story and we're surprising our parents with it.

  • Visiting my alma mater and feeling like I've never left. The drive down felt like I was going home, I got to park in my old (and always frustrating) parking deck, and hanging out in Lynds's dorm made me want to go back immediately.

  • Spending quality time with Lynds, complete with ridiculous car dancing to Christmas songs, buying gifts for ourselves from Victoria's Secret, and gushing about boys.

  • Planning to grab dinner with Natalie's brother (who will be further known as E so I stop mentally associating him with Nat), which I'm trying not to freak out about because I always think five million steps ahead of myself and really, it's just dinner between friends.

  • Filling up my calendar, chatting with friends, finding the perfect gifts, and crossing things off my to-do list.
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