Monday, November 8, 2010

life choices, weekend edition.

Occasionally I like to define certain things I do as either Poor or Amazing Life Choices. This weekend was filled to the brim with them, which is to say, it was equal parts fabulously awesome and horrifyingly irresponsible.

Poor Life Choices:
  • Eating too much candy Friday night
  • Staying up after being woken up too early on Saturday morning
  • Taking a death nap Saturday afternoon
  • Taking too many meds for my stomach in prep for going out
  • Not eating anything all day until I came home at 3am
  • Getting only five hours of sleep Saturday night (despite DST!)
  • Having a mozzarella-and-salami sandwich at 1am when I should've been in bed last night
  • Staying up until 4am reading through e-mails/gchats between me and my ex
Amazing Life Choices:
  • Creating a Disney-centric Pandora station
  • Spending Friday night in my p'jams with my mom, watching (and mocking) Home Shopping Network
  • Attending Hot Mess House (albeit for far too short of a stay) at Melissa's on Saturday night, despite feeling like, well, a hot mess (and not in the good way)
  • Getting the chance to hang out with Melissa's hometown besties and thoroughly enjoying myself
  • Giving in a little bit and having a convo with my cousin via text for the first time in months
  • Making plans for the holidays
  • Watching the Jets and Giants win their games on Sunday
  • Planning a last-minute party for next weekend, even though compulsively checking the RSVPs to make sure enough people are coming will give me an ulcer by the end of the week
  • Finally de-tagging and deleting the majority of e-mails/gchats between me and my ex
So, there's my weekend for you. I feel like bloated, sinus-headache-y death, but I had fun! And having fun is all that matters. Right? Right.