Thursday, September 16, 2010

my gleekiness is showing.

I am on Glee overload, everyone. I’m re-watching the first half of the first season and catching up on the second half before the premiere on Tuesday. Plus, I follow a few Gleek blogs on Tumblr (if you're not following me, click that link and do it!) and my dash has been littered with all sorts of goodness.

Like an abundance of Kevin McHale.

You can have Cory Monteith and Mark Salling. Yes, Cory’s the cute heartthrob and Mark’s the smokin’ hot bad boy. But give me Kevin McHale, with his geek chic and bow ties and glasses* any freakin’ day.

I mean, seriously.

And now I've lost my ability to string together coherent thoughts. Five days, Gleeks!

*I should mention that I have a thing for guys with glasses to begin with. Which, according to a few of my guy friends, is an anomaly because they claim that girls aren't attracted to boys with glasses. Whatevs, glasses are totally attractive. Somebody agree with me, please. (Unless I really am an anomaly, in which case... cool beans, more hot guys with glasses all for me.)