Friday, July 2, 2010

video friday.

My weekend kicks off in about fifteen minutes, by which I mean, that's when I'm going to hang out with my friends for an hour before they go into the city, where I will not be joining them because my body is a hot mess and I have about ten varieties of cramps, so instead I'll be coming back here and finishing my grandmother's scrapbook.


So now, I'll show you some awesometastic videos that graced my presence this week.

(I am not responsible for any pants-wetting that may have occurred during the viewing of this video.)

I may or may not have giddily jumped up and down after seeing this video. I am beyond excited and am now on a quest to re-read all of the books and re-watch all six movies before November. Which would be in progress already IF WE HADN'T MISPLACED OUR COPY OF BOOK ONE.

Everything about Maroon 5 is sexy. Including this video. If I could trade places with that girl, I would be the happiest person alive. Adam Levine is a yummy, sexy man.

NOW. Before you watch this one, let me preface it. Yes, it's a dance video. Yes, it's from So You Think You Can Dance. The dashing man with the clipboard and glasses is Twitch, who came in second place on the fourth season of the show (we're on to season seven now) and is now the male Hip Hop All-Star for this season. The kid in the jacket is ALEX FREAKIN WONG, contestant on this season and the most perfect technical dancer I've ever seen in my life. He came straight from a ballet company and has barely touched hip hop in his career. Not going to lie, as amazing as he is, I kind of expected him to bomb. HE DID THE TOTAL OPPOSITE OF BOMBING. See for yourself.

I KNOW RIGHT? Have fun picking your jaw up off the floor.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!