Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial day weekend.

{Where I should have been this weekend. Taken summer 2008.}

It’s 4am and I’m eating Cheez-Its, trying to produce a lovely blog post for today. This is when the magic happens, people. If only you could see me – drippy post-shower hair, tattered college sweatshirt… I know, it’s almost too much beauty for you to imagine.

My weekend was thoroughly uneventful. My Special Monthly Friend came by for Memorial Day Weekend and decided it was a good time for me to be cranky and exhausted. Awesome, just what I wanted. So instead of being down at the shore, I was in my room, mustering up the energy to touch up the paint on my furniture only to realize that the touch-up paint didn’t match the original shade… of WHITE. How does white not match white? Seriously.

The most exciting thing was my brother coming home drunk, something I didn’t even witness but had to overhear the next afternoon from my dad. Apparently he dropped his keys outside, got leaves in his hair, then fell asleep in the recliner downstairs. My dad had to usher him upstairs and get him to bed, all of which I missed because I was taking the longest shower in history, apparently.

My social activities were limited to the confines of this family save for the AIM chat with my two guy friends (which I say like I don’t have any other guy friends… which is partially the truth). That’s always good times, except when it ends in me creating, uploading, and sending off an embarrassing video to them. And not even embarrassing in the “oh I was drunk and wasn’t that silly!” way, or the “that was so crazy!” way, but in the “this is really awkward and kind of lame, I regret having the ability to do this, I should be banned from the internet” way. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it was something that sounded so great at the beginning and ended up being not that great.

So. There you have it, my wonderful kick-start to summer. Thrilling, I know. This week I actually have real-life, in-person plans, including a baby shower for one of my childhood friends WHICH IS THE CRAZIEST THING EVER. Sorry, unannounced caps attack.

How was your Memorial Day Weekend?