Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it's baaaaack.

Another summer, another season of So You Think You Can Dance. I promise not to talk it to death, but I can't help myself from the occasional plug.

Even if you're not normally drawn to dance shows, you should watch this. Why? Because this season they're bringing back ten of the BEST dancers from seasons past to help this year's contestants compete. The talent level is really high - this isn't like Dancing with the Stars where most of the people suck. Plus, SYTYCD is all styles of dance, not just ballroom.

There's hip hop:


And yes, even dancing zombies (from the genius mind of Wade Robson).

If that doesn't give you a reason to watch, well, then I can't really help you. Well, I could post clip after clip (and would happily do so, because I have about ten billion more favorites), but that would be overdoing it. So, I hope you watch. I mean, what else is on TV anyway? Nothing good, I'm sure. (That's not true, I really have no idea because this is all I watch.)