Friday, June 4, 2010

it's friday! bullet points!

It's Friday and this week flew by so fast that I'm pretty sure it didn't actually happen, so... here's a bullet list.
  • The big news of this week was that Mark (my ex-boyfriend, which is a dirty word in my book so I'll just call him by his name from now on) finally, finally got into his top choice for medical school. This has been a two-year-long journey that has now reached its end, THANK THE LORD. The sympathy stress I've been under has been too much. But, aside from that, I am incredibly happy for him because he wanted this so badly.

  • I'm kind of itching to have a party or at least a reasonably-sized get-together. Throwing a birthday party for myself was so much fun and I really like when everyone's able to hang out together. Last time we totally geeked out on old video games, but what I'd love is a full-fledged game night, which was our specialty back in college. So, to my real life friends: don't be at all surprised if I start chatting up this idea with you.

  • I've been spending way too much money lately, but I think my spree is finally over, save for a few necessities (yes, sundresses are a necessity). My best (and most expensive) purchase has been this beauty, which is totally worth the money I paid, especially since I found a deal where I got accessories and two games with it!

Yes, I'm THAT girl who has to have all her electronics in pink.
  • Tomorrow, as long as I'm feeling up to it, I'm attending a baby shower for one of my friends. It's a strange thing knowing that people my age, that I know, are having babies and getting married. This will be the first person who I'll actually physically encounter who's going through major life changes - all the other babies and engagements I've only witnessed on Facebook - and I'm really excited. She's a friend from my town that I went to school with up until I disappeared into private school, so it's basically going to be a mini reunion, for me at least. Frankly, I'm surprised I was even invited!
Happy Friday and happy weekend!