Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring has sprung.

Over the weekend, we had a terrible nor'easter that blew through New Jersey and ripped it to shreds from Friday night through Sunday morning. There were downed trees, live electrical wires, black-outs, and flooding. Lots and lots of flooding. We got really lucky - no power outages, just a boil water notice for a few days after the storm. I'm just glad it wasn't snow.

This week the temperatures are expected to hit sixty and I am beyond thrilled. As I write, the sun is shining and the skies are blue. It's still a little chilly, considering it's only 10:30, but I'll take it. Looking out the window and seeing such beautiful weather energizes me and motivates me to be all sorts of productive.

Daylight savings time snuck up on me, and even though I dislike having to lose an hour of sleep, I'm so happy to have more daylight. Even just having an extra hour and eating dinner when the sun's still up is enough to make me start preparing for spring and summer, my two favorite seasons.

One thing I definitely miss, though, is walking around campus on days like this. My college campus was gorgeous; it was the "typical" image of what college looks like. Although I'm sure I would currently be sitting in class, itching to be outdoors, I would gladly take it if it meant being able to walk across campus, lounge on a bench and read, or go for a jog. I miss it so much that I just sent an e-mail out to my girlfriends, hoping that we could have our next meet-up at school so we can get nostalgic and wander campus aimlessly again.

With tomorrow being my brother's birthday and St. Patrick's Day, this week is going to be wonderful. Mostly I'm just excited because I get to make cupcakes, which I plan to decorate adorably even though my brother couldn't care less. Like, I'm more excited to bake than I am to drink. Go figure.