Friday, March 12, 2010


This week, I've succeeded in eating my weight in Cocoa Puffs (okay, so maybe "one box" isn't "my weight," but STILL), playing Text Twist to the point where I'm repeating levels, actually working out (yay!), and looking like this on a daily basis:

Paint freckles on my arm!

Paint freckles... in my hair. Which is much less fun.

On top of all that, turns out my plans for this weekend got postponed to next weekend, which bummed me out. But, I guess it'll be a nice break because next week is basically just a repeat of this week, except that my brother is turning 21 on St. Patrick's Day. Yeah, wrap your head around that.

The best part of this week, though, was this. Gaga never fails me.

Update: Okay. So originally I had a Youtube video embedded. But that said it was no longer available. Fine, awesome. So I embed it from Vevo... and apparently you have to click through to see it. So go ahead and do that.