Tuesday, March 2, 2010

self sufficient.

Hey internet, remember that time I cut my own hair over the weekend?

Please excuse my makeup-less 8am self, thanks.

Yeah. That was pretty awesome.

Basically, in a moment of spontaneity that had the full potential to end in disaster, I took a pair of Fiskars scissors and cut off at least four inches of my hair. For serious. Go ahead, make the comparison between this photo and the profile picture over there on the right.

I've been trimming my own bangs in between cuts and decided, well, what the hell. I'll give this a shot and if it ends up looking horrible, I'll just go in and get it fixed. I also figured that I don't care about it being perfectly straight - it's not like I go out much and even when I do, nobody is paying attention to how well the ends of my hair line up (at least, I hope nobody is doing that...).

Plus, it helps that I just recently cut a few inches off my brother's hair* and had confidence in my ability to cut in a straight line. So that's two satisfied customers... maybe this could be my at-home business?

*Yes, I said brother. What can I say? He's a hippie. Okay so not really. Except.. yeah, he probably is a modern-day hippie.