Friday, February 12, 2010

my favorite valentine's day.

A photo essay.
Valentine's Day 2008, junior year of college.
Mysterious roses & girls night in.

Despite being sick, I wore a cute, theme-y outfit.

Decorations were put up...

...along with the obligatory tray of chocolates.

We all woke up to find roses at our door. They were a gift from a fellow accounting major who sprung to get roses for all the girls in our townhouse development. We didn't know that at the time, though, and had fun guessing.

Melissa got flowers from her boyfriend who was in England at the time. I was unnecessarily excited for her.

(They came in this absurdly huge box that we didn't know what to do with.)

Then Danielle, Melissa and I had our own personal Date Night. We watched Waitress, yelled at the TV, and cried.

Pajamas and delicious Italian take-out were involved.

So was this sparkling juice...

...that we couldn't open. See: distraught expression.

Eventually we figured it out; I don't remember how.

These chocolate-covered strawberries were also involved - a gift to Danielle from her boyfriend.

The end.