Friday, February 26, 2010

for the snow-less.

Happy Friday! I'm snowed in... again... but I have a treat. In addition to a few snowy pictures, I also took some video last night after I shoveled.

Be warned that the wind is really loud in the beginning and gets loud every once in a while, so don't have your speakers turned up a whole lot. Also, I'm pretty incoherent at times because I was tired and cold, so don't mind if I say things that don't make any sense. Finally, my apologies for the shaky camerawork - especially when I turn the camera vertically towards the end - again because it was cold and I wasn't really thinking how it would all turn out. (Oh, and I also drop the f-bomb at the end, just a warning.)

Here you go! I hope you snow-less people can appreciate your non-snow-ness because um, this sucks.

snow day from cait* on Vimeo.

And a few pictures, as well.