Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ringing in december.

This post shall also be known as the Post of Stolen Ideas.

The first of these ideas is a Flickr Project known as the 24 Days of Christmas. A couple of bloggers have been doing a photo a day for a whole year, and although I really thought about participating, I just know I don't have the attention span to commit to such a project. A short-term, month-long, Christmas-related stint, however, seemed a lot more attainable, so I'm jumping in. I stumbled upon this thanks to curiousillusion, who is also participating and is a much better photographer than myself. Definitely go check out her awesome photos so far.

My photography skills are completely novice. Completely. All I have is a silly little point-and-shoot digital camera. I'm not expecting to receive accolades on any of my photos; it's more of a learning experience for me. I just hope I don't embarass myself in the process.

Here is my photo for Day 1, although I may have cheated a bit and really taken this in the wee morning hours of December 2nd. Don't tell, okay?


This is my nameless teddy bear who gets to wear a different sweater for each month or holiday. My goal was to have a sweater for each month - because I'm a perfectionist like that - but he's missing quite a few, especially for the summer. The snowflake sweater is one of my favorites.

My second idea was taken from Katie... although it's less the idea that was stolen and more the method. Does that make sense? No? Well it should. See, I love sending out Christmas cards and was contemplating a way to offer them up to my blogger buddies. Then I saw that she posted a form that let people sign up as they please, and I thought, that's brilliant!, and then I thought, I'm totally stealing this. Although since I'm giving credit, I guess it's not really stealing, is it? I just like to be dramatic.


You can click here to receive an adorable card from yours truly in your REAL LIFE mailbox. Exciting, right? The link takes you to a secure form where you just give me your name and address, and I send a cute little card your way for the holidays. And if you don't get to it now, I've included a little link on the sidebar to your right so you can add your information at any time.

I promise not to use the addresses for any purpose other than holiday cards, although I may hold on to them for sending along goodies in the future. But I'll never send anything spammy and I'm not a creeper, so rest assured.

This post is so full of Christmas excitement, I can barely stand it. It's my favorite holiday and I tend to go a bit crazy, so you've been warned.