Wednesday, December 9, 2009

why i love/hate sytycd & love glee.

Is it sad that watching two television shows has emotionally drained me?

First up tonight was So You Think You Can Dance? and two extremely talented dancers were completely robbed by some mediocre dancers with a sob story. Seriously. And yes, I know it's not their faults. I would honestly love to find the people who picked up a phone and voted for a girl who didn't even dance last night over a girl who actually danced and did so AMAZINGLY. Don't even get me started on the guys' results, which simply have me in total shock.


Glee came in and saved the day by bringing me a wonderfully dramatic fall finale. Of course, dramatic usually means I'm crying my eyes out, because whether it's something happy or sad, I melt into a puddle. And oh, this episode. I was a sobbing mess by the end.

What can I say? I love television that can really pull me in.

Here's my Day 9 photo, which was taken a few days ago when we started unloading all the family decorations. I used the color isolation feature on my camera (which I adore and don't use nearly as often as I should). Other than that, it's nothing too special.