Monday, December 7, 2009

deck the halls.

It seems like every couple of days, I come up short when it comes to writing an entry. I really love doing the Christmas photo project, but I feel bad just slapping a photo up there and going on my merry way.

Today I spent the entire day decorating for Christmas. Our pre-lit tree had a string of lights out, so I fixed that first. Then I put up all the knick knacks that go around the house - we have so, so many and it's always fun to try to remember where they go. Finally I put lights on the bushes in our front yard, something my dad stopped doing years ago. It always bummed me out that we didn't have many front yard decorations because more people see those than all the stuff we have going on inside.

I'm completely worn out from doing all this stuff, but at least it's finished. Well.. except for the tree. But that's less tiring and more fun, so I'm looking forward to it.

My picture for Day 7 was an experiment with bokeh. I'd like to think it came out pretty decently, but who knows. I wanted to incorporate my little fiber-optic tree into the project somehow, but close-up pictures weren't working out. Then I realized I could use it as a background, so that's what I did.