Wednesday, December 23, 2009

drowning in christmas spirit.

I've been filling this week to the gills with Christmas spirit. As I've mentioned, I tend to overload early in the season, so after a week of taking a break, I'm back in the full swing of things.

Monday I hit the mall with Lynds to buy last minute gifts and cute Christmas dresses from Forever 21 (can't wait to show you!). Yesterday I was extra sniffly and was glad that my plans included snuggling under blankets and watching Christmas movies. Natalie came over and we caught up on each others' lives before settling in to watch Elf (which I've never seen, and now LOVE) and The Santa Clause. They were perfect get-in-the-spirit Christmas movies.

Today is dedicated to cleaning the house top to bottom and baking desserts for Christmas Day with Lynds. Then it's early to bed so that I (hopefully!) feel tons better for the festivities. We celebrate both Christmas Eve and Day around here, so I've got two days packed full of family, food, and of course, presents! (Which I'm excited for moreso because I can't wait to GIVE my gifts, not because I want to get gifts. Seriously, I did good this year.)

And because my hands have been busy wrapping gifts and gripping warm cups of tea, I've been slow on the 24 Days of Christmas pictures. But! I have been finding time to take photos, so here they are, all at once. Just a few days left!