Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!

Christmas is my favorite holiday and time of year in general. I had a blast today celebrating with my mom's side of the family - my grandparents and my aunt and her two kids - at my house. We ate food, got a twenty-minute visit from our weirdo uncle, and swiftly avoided a religion-fueled dispute when my brother announced he was reading "The God Delusion."

All night I heard fire truck sirens and I spent way too much time at the window and front door, trying to figure out how close to the house they were. Watching Santa go by on a fire truck is a teeny tiny family tradition, so I didn't want to miss him! He went by around 8pm and we were there to wave and watch him go by.

I received a lot of wonderful gifts, many of which I picked out and even wrapped myself because my mom was busy. My favorites from my parents are the two Glee soundtracks, my Lady GaGa album, and the game Apples to Apples. From The Boy I got a beautiful bracelet (which I neglected to take a picture of yet) and an adorable teddy bear. And Natalie also got me a really awesome bracelet that says "Believe In Yourself," which is definitely something I need to remind myself of more often.

Pretty good considering we're only officially a half hour into Christmas, isn't it? We'll be at my aunt's house for most of today, where more gift exchanges will happen. I'm most excited for these because I get gifts from my aunt and my two girl cousins, and I have no idea what I'm getting. As much as I like picking out my owns gifts to get from my parents, surprises are so much more fun. I also think I did a really awesome job selecting gifts for everyone else this year.

And now, here are my last three photos for the 24 Days of Christmas project. It's been so much fun, but there were definitely days I struggled. I would happily do this again next year.

Our nativity scene. I am incredibly picky when it comes to setting up the figurines.

Jingle bells! I love these. They sound just like Santa's sleigh.

Advent calendar mouse, telling us that it's Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas!