Sunday, December 20, 2009

terrible timing.

Well, despite never leaving this house and sleeping more often than not, it seems I have still gotten sick. I've been sniffly the past week or so, but nothing major. Methinks it was a terrible idea to go out and shovel snow twice last night, neither time being particularly dressed for the occasion. And it's annoying because I always get sick the same way: first I'm sniffly, then my throat gets itchy-scratchy so that it takes for-EV-er to fall asleep, which causes me to sleep poorly and get even sicker. Blah.

It doesn't really help that it's the week of Christmas, either. I (still!) have last-minute shopping to do, plans with friends this week, and my mom definitely needs my help cleaning the house and preparing for Christmas Eve. I've got something to do pretty much every day. Granted, most of these activities aren't happening until the evening hours, so at least there's no waking up early for anything.

And despite the fact that the late-night snow shoveling was what (I think) pushed my sickness over the edge, the snow was so pretty. It made me feel snowed in (even though I wasn't going anywhere at 11pm anyway), so I snuggled up with some hot chocolate last night, put on the Peaceful Christmas station on Pandora, and wrapped as many of my presents as I could (I'm still waiting for some in the mail!). It definitely put me in the Christimas spirit for the week.

So, for those of you who didn't get snow, here are some pictures so that you can live vicariously through me, without having to shovel snow or drive on ice!

Snow covering the lights on the bushes! I loved how it looked. I took more, but the best one is going to be a 24 Days of Christmas photo.

My neighbors' houses. If you notice on the far right, that house has those inflatable decorations out on the lawn. The big snowglobe (not shown) definitely got crushed by the snow.