Sunday, December 6, 2009

black birds are ominous.

Every once in a while, probably once a year or so, a shit-ton of black birds will suddenly invade our neighborhood. It's fascinating, but borderline creepy. I mean, doesn't this look ominous to you?

There are literally hundreds of them. They always stay within a short distance of one another, inhabiting five or six trees and roofs that are close together. A flock of them will sometimes descend on someone's yard, which is the scariest part of all. My guess is they're looking for food, but it's so bizarre because they'll literally be covering the yard.

Of course, they startle very easily. Once one or two are startled, they all fly up off the ground, roof, or tree TOGETHER.

It's so creepy, yet I can't help watching every time it happens.

In 24 Days of Christmas news, I'm still working within the confines of my room. We did, however, pull out the four big boxes of family decorations, so you can expect a little change of pace very soon.

Today's photo is simple: the sole string of Christmas lights in my bedroom.