Saturday, September 26, 2009

why i feel like a grandma sometimes.

Sometimes I really and truly believe I am an old lady already.

Want proof?

I do puzzle books.


You know, like you find in drugstores. My favorites are fill in puzzles, but I'm also a fan of word searches. I could sit for hours and just do puzzles, not content until I can write "done" at the top of the page. And they're not really challenging, either. No crosswords for me. (They're too hard! Seriously. They make me feel dumb.) I prefer these because they're basically time-wasters. I blame my mother; she does them all the time, usually in doctor's offices when she's waiting.

I love golden oldies and light rock.


Not just any light rock, but usually older stuff. Again, I blame my parents because it's the music they like to listen to, so I grew up with it. I guess, in a sense, it comforts me because it's familiar. Still, when I go down to my aunt's shorehouse, she plays the New Jersey station, which is all feel-good light rock from the 80s. And I LOVE it. Whereas my cousin, who's eighteen, is busy trying to drown it out with her current music (of which I'm also a fan).

I do needlepoint.


Now, I know that knitting and craftiness have become popular amongst our age group recently, but I don't think needlepoint/cross-stitch caught on so much (correct me if I'm wrong - I would love to know someone else does this). This one I blame on my dad. His sister has done it forever, then he picked up the habit and now I'm stuck. And I've been stuck for like, years now. I have about four projects sitting around in my room, nevermind the two projects I finished as gifts for my second cousins, who both had babies a couple years back.

Of course, there are just as many things I do that make me think I'm way younger than twenty-two. But that's a whole separate entry.

What do you do that makes you feel like you're older (or younger) than you really are?