Saturday, September 19, 2009

love list.

I got this idea from Jenn over at Free and Flawed, and I'm stealing borrowing it because it's a great mood lifter.

Unexpected snail mail. High heels. Mascara. The beginning of a new season. Pink-colored electronics. Dress shopping. Coupon clipping. Blue skies. Gummy vitamins. Cardigans. Football season. Feather boas. Video messages. Pumpkin spice lattes. Kittens. Clearance shopping. Glitter.

Soft serve vanilla ice cream. Apple cinnamon waffles. Word searches. Jigsaw puzzles. Sidewalk chalk. Postcards. Ballet flats. Forever 21. Candles. Suncatchers. Headbands. Video games. Sharpie markers. Picture frames. Magazines. Wine. Needlepoint. Knee socks. Sub sandwiches. Hot showers. Ballerinas. Dancing.

[Yes, this is me. This was us at our peak, before we all graduated, in 2005. It's our finale number and I can't even explain all the memories I have from practicing this. I love it so, so much and I really miss it.

If you're looking for me, I'm wearing pink shorts and am in it from the start. I'm the tall pasty white girl with the light brown hair - not exactly hard to spot.]