Monday, September 28, 2009

free ice cream is my favorite.

So if you belong to 20sb (which, if you're not, you totally should if you are a 20-something and you blog), you know that there was a Blog Carnival a while back that resulted in participants receiving coupons to try Ben & Jerry's newest creation, Flipped Out, for free. Yes. For free.

The carnival was a couple of months ago and ever since I received the coupon, it's just been sitting around waiting eagerly to be used up. Then the loverly (which is totally a word, spell check, because there's a song dedicated to loverly things, so, existence proven) Kerri posted this review of her Flipped Out experience, and since The Boy was scheduled for a visit, I decided it was time for free ice cream.

When I first brought them home, I thought, hm, these are mighty tiny. Which was silly, because I'm not someone who eats large portions anyway, especially of ice cream. The instructions were pretty simple and although the perfectionist in me was a bit dismayed that the chocolate shell had broken slightly, I was easily distracted by the OOZING CHOCOLATE GOODNESS.

And oh my goodness, it was delicious. I basically ate off the chocolate shell, then dug away at the ice cream, getting chocolate syrup, ice cream, and cookie bites in every spoonful. The only thing I was unhappy with was the consistency of the ice cream, which seemed a bit dry and was hard to slice through, considering we ate it straight out of the freezer. But that's less a real complaint and more just us being greedy and hungry and too impatient to wait. It softened up as we kept eating.

(My break at the midway-ish point. See? I told you, I can only eat so much at a time.)

Overall, I really liked it. It's perfect for me, since I like small servings of ice cream, and I loved having chocolate sauce and extra cookie pieces. I definitely want to check out the Vanilla Fudge Brownie next time.

And actually, now I'm kinda wishing I hadn't shared with The Boy. That way I'd have another one to eat tonight. Boo.