Friday, August 7, 2009

diets and shopping.

Restrictive diets can suck my non-existing male genitalia.

Since about Tuesday night or so, I've eliminated from my diet any foods that are unnecessarily fatty, anything with chocolate or caffeine, most things dairy, and most raw fruits and veggies. What does that leave? Carbs. Lots and lots of carbs. Bread and pasta and rice and tortilla chips and corn flakes and graham crackers. Needless to say, it's getting old.

All of this deprivation is turning me into a pouty, grouchy mess. I complain constantly about what I can't eat, because, well... I can't eat what I want! It's so frustrating. Will it help me in the end? Yes, and I know that feeling better should be motivation. But I have huge self-control problems, so I'm simply not handling this well.

In order to keep myself sane, I've been indulging myself with some online shopping. From Forever 21, I bought a new summer top, heart-seamed leggings, and an adorable flower headband:

Today I stopped by Target and picked up some adorable greeting cards that were only 99 cents! I adore greeting cards, and usually I splurge on Papyrus because they are really well-designed and are so "me." Of course, they're a bit expensive, so when I found these that were by Carlton Cards, I went a little crazy and bought six:

And as usual, I've been lusting over many, many things on Etsy. But! I did go ahead and purchase the following necklace for my favorite almost-four-year-old best friend, Bella, for her birthday on Sunday (the #5 pendant, since she's a Leo):

from vapor72's shop

I also ordered a few other adorable Etsy things, because I just can't help myself sometimes. Especially when I'm feeling bad for myself because I can't eat the ice cream in my freezer.


for the love of pictures said...

Those pendants are adorable. I may have to pick up a few as gifts (and maybe one for me :)

Katie said...

I love getting greeting cards!

We should totally be freakin' pen pals :)