Friday, August 14, 2009

bits and bobbins.

There are a million things swirling around my head lately, and I can't seem to put them into coherent posts. So, you get a nice bullet-point list instead.

  • I adore using my webcam and being able to connect with people. Of course my favorite part is being able to talk to The Boy every night on Skype, but leaving and receiving video messages on Facebook makes me smile.

  • Etsy is my continuing addiction and I can't seem to stop. When I find something adorable, it just makes me giddy. I'm currently putting a care package together for my cousin, who's off to college on Thursday, and I've been looking around for cute magnets (the doors to their rooms are magnetic). Problem is, there are so many that I simply can't choose!

  • I love it when an idea becomes reality, even in something as simple as making plans. The Boy suggested that we stop by my aunt's shorehouse this weekend, which I agreed was a good idea, but was a little hesitant about because I wasn't sure if they would be at the beach half the day. Turns out they'll actually be having my cousin's off-to-college party that day, so we can go down anytime and spend the day setting up and having a party.

  • Remember that post about being a giver? It's so very true. I've spent a big chunk of my time these days posting on a Facebook group that's for incoming freshmen at my alma mater. Since I was already in college help-out mode for my cousin (who's going to the same school as I did), I figured I'd help out answering questions on the group as well. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

  • This song is adorable and just makes me happy:


meloogal said...

God, can you even believe we we're not going back to school with those freshmen? I miss TCNJ waaay more than I thought I was going to (particularly during finals and any time I had to write a long-ass paper).

k.m.h said...

OMG I LOVE ETSY TOO!!! just had to share that.

ditto melissa. i miss you guys!