Monday, August 17, 2009

20sb vlog day!

It's 20sb Vlog Day! Yesss. I'm really excited, and you should be to.

Never heard of 20sb? Well that's sad. Go here! ASAP! And check out more vlogs here.

Before I post my vlog, I want to share my harrowing tale of recording this thing. I decided at 4:30am that I was going to record a video, and I did, and it was great. But I used my digital camera (because sometimes my webcam is spazzy), so Youtube and Vimeo didn't want to upload it. So I went to bed, frustrated.

But! I'm convinced this one is just as good, although I look a lot more tired here. Also, I lucked out and my webcam decided to behave. Yay!

Anyway, here we go.

Please pardon the following:
- my inability to look at the camera for more than like, 5 seconds at a time
- the constant hair touching and adjusting
- excessive use of the word "ummm"
- the fact that the video goes over the requested 2-minute limit... oops.

And yes, I did in fact quote Anchorman at the end, because it's the best movie ever. And because I'm kind of a big deal.


Anonymous said...

i am also terribly guilty of "so, ummmmm..." but you're just so adorable that i didn't even notice :)

Jamie said...

I did them umm.. thing a lot too and omg if my hair would have been down in mine? Game over.

You're super cute though and I totally agree on all points :)

Maggie said...

you're so cute, I love the Anchorman quote at the end!!

meloogal said...

Awww I haven't seen your animate face in WAY too long, Cait!

Let's get togetherrrr, yeah yeah yeah.

Karie said...

You're room is so girly and cute! Great video. I don't know how comfortable I am with doing a vlog. It scares me.

your wishcake. said... are ridiculously adorable. The dimple? Too much. I want to put you in my pocket and take you everywhere. It's official.


Lovely video blog! So glad you joined in! "Stay classy." Heehee. Love it!