Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what i've been up to.

So aside from griping about life, putting off job searching, and doing a whole lot of sleeping... I had a bit a fun mixed in. Since it would create an incredibly long entry to detail each event, I present it to you in picture form! Huzzah!


First, I celebrated my last night on campus by taking a dip in the science complex fountain with The Boy.

I promise, I did go in the water. And then had awkwardly semi-wet shorts.

Him posing, under my photographic direction, of course.


Then, I graduated!

First was the college-wide ceremony, which took place on the stadium field. It threatened to rain all morning, but finally the sun peeked out. Unfortunately, that also meant we were all sweating to death. Good thing the ceremony lasted just under an hour.

I had about an hour before my smaller ceremony for the School of Business, where I would receive my diploma [cover!]. That's right, no actual diploma was handed out, since they were still verifying we all passed. Heh. Of course, the majority of that hour was spend running into all my friends (who were scattered, since we all either had a department ceremony or reception to attend) and waiting in line for the bathroom.

One of the people I ran into was Melissa. I was glad, because the day was so chaotic and I wasn't sure I'd see anyone other than the people I planned to meet up with. Also, please notice my adorable pink pumps! It's all about the footwear on graduation day.

After our department ceremony, which took forever to finish up (damn all those finance majors!), I rushed around taking pictures with everyone. By then, almost everyone had cleared out of campus, and it felt a little anticlimactic for the end of the day.

I snapped a few pictures with my fellow accounting majors first. My closest friends and I make up a group of four crazy, hilarious people (one isn't pictured in this shot). We all stuck together because three of us are from the same hometown. I find it really crazy that we all picked the same college AND major. Weird.

Next I put those pretty pink pumps to work and quickly walked to the Student Center to meet my Lady Lumps, who had waited patiently for me to take pictures.

Finally I took some pictures with The Boy, the most patient of them all. (Note: He definitely looks way too geeky here. He doesn't normally look like that. He does, however, act as geeky as this picture makes him look. And if he's reading this... just kidding babe! He knows I'm joking. I hope.)


The next day was my superawesomefantastic graduation party! It was absolutely amazing, but it flew by way too fast. I had to spend my time rotating from group to group, so I didn't get much time with anyone. I had a blast anyway.

These are my two best friends from dance, who are sisters. We jokingly refer to me as their real third sister, considering they have one who is my age and has my name.

My entire crew - my freshmen, sophomore, and junior-year roommates and their boyfriends. These are the people who make up pretty much all of my memories from those years.

Cutting the cake!

On my dad's side of the family, it's become a tradition for all the kids to sit on the stairs and take pictures. Of course, it worked much better when we were tiny little things. Now we're all at least 5'5", so there's a lot less space. Here we have the ever-popular We're Done Smiling, Let's Take a Silly One picture. For the record, our ages now range from fifteen to twenty-three, so basically this will never get old.


And finally, just a few weeks ago, my baby cousin went to her senior prom! I can't tell you how old I felt just thinking about how long ago my prom was. She looked absolutely gorgeous, I was stunned. I mean, she's always pretty, but she looked so grown up in her dress with her hair and makeup done.

We're pretty much more like sisters than cousins. I was totally directing traffic in terms of making sure her dad was around for every picture she wanted, and to make sure her parents didn't totally embarass her.

I love this candid I took, because it shows off her amazing dress. Isn't it stunning?

Her and her date, looking adorable. They're just friends though - they've known each other since kindergarten.

So that's where I've been all this time. Hope you enjoyed!

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EP said...

WOW! You've done a lot recently! I love that y'all went swimming in the fountain. I should have done something like that before I graduated college. C'est la vie.

I hope you're having a lovely day!