Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it's my party.

You know what I hate most about being away from my blog for so long? When I finally feel like sitting down and writing an entry, there is so much to talk about that I just can't. If I tried to explain where I've been for the past two weeks-ish, it would be a completely disorganized entry about nothing. So let's you and me pretend I was never gone, okay? Okay, awesome.

I've been planning furiously for a graduation party that my parents decided to let me have. We're having an open-house-type party, and I've just been letting all my creative juices flow. Because let's face it - I love planning and throwing parties. I'm probably going overboard for a simple house party, but what I can I say? I'm a crazy person.

There have been several shopping trips to Party City, Michael's, A.C. Moore, and Target, looking for anything and everything I can use to create the perfect party. Also acquired was The Dress from Forever 21 that I talked about here, as well as a PERFECTLY MATCHING pair of shoes that I bought on clearance at Mandee's. Because I am just that good. Unfortunately the Mandee website doesn't have a convenient little picture for me, so I'll remember to snap a pic of them when I'm home for Easter.

I am so excited for this party mainly because I don't have many opportunities to go a little crazy with decorating and planning. Now I have the opportunity to print my own invitiations, come up with cute and sophisticated flower displays, buy matching-color decorations, make some awesome little give-aways, and plan all sorts of other little surprises. Who knows if anyone will truly appreciate it all in its entirety - I mean obviously different details will be noticed by different people - but I will have come away with a sense of accomplishment and self-indulgence, which is basically the point. I know people are going to have fun at my party regardless of the details, but those details along with the fun will make for my idea of a perfect party.

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