Sunday, December 14, 2008

finals = photoblog.

Finals suck.

But in other news, I'm in full-blown Christmas mode (sometimes at the expense of studying.. oops) and I snagged a bunch of awesome gifts for people (and myself!). My favorite so far?

Canon PowerShot, in PINK, duh.

That's for me, of course. New cameras make me excited. I don't get to open this baby until Christmas Eve-ish, but that's probably good because otherwise, I would waste even large amounts of time taking pictures and the like.

Speaking of, here are a random smattering of pictures from the past couple of weeks.

My closest-in-age older cousin, at our younger cousin's confirmation party. He's pretty awesome. But more importantly, look at me, pulling off the Mature But Still Trendy look. I feel like at every family event that Lyndsay (my seventeen-year-old trendster of a cousin) attends, I have this secret urge to try to be as trendy as she is. This ensemble wasn't super hip, but classic and also more age-appropriate. Because I keep forgetting that um, I'm a senior in college. A-heh.

And here we all are. These are all the "kids" on my Dad's side of the family. We're in height order, which is definitely not age order. From left to right - Clancy (24), Lyndsay (17), John (14), me (21), Matt (23), Dan (19). That's mainly because my brother's a giant (he gets it from my mom's side) and my two aunts on my Dad's side are itty bitty, the gene I apparently missed.

Can I mention that we pretty much live for the goofy pictures? It's a tradition, because my Dad's family is silly and fun - after all the aunts and uncles finished taking pictures, they'd actually prompt us for funny faces. And we're still doing it now.

This is me on Thanksgiving. I'm thinking this outfit has just enough trend to kick Lyndsay's ass in our Outfit Showdown (that she is completely unaware of). Too bad I didn't spend Thanksgiving with her.. but I am leaving this up as an option for Christmas. Anyway. The only downside here were the shoes, which are apparently a half-size too big. They were slightly painful to walk in but mostly awkward, because I couldn't walk regularly. I was doing some weird pseudo shuffle back and forth from the kitchen.

I can't remember if I've ever told you that my family calls me a mini Martha Stewart. They do. Now you know why. I baked, iced, and sprinkled these babies, and may I mention that I made a decorative little swirl on the top of each one? Then I wrapped them, made tags, and ribbon'd them. Because who needs to study when adorable baked goods are calling to be made, wrapped, and handed out?! Nobody, that's who.

Hopefully you enjoyed my myriad of semi-unrelated photos. It's all I can really manage with all this accounting information floating around in my head. Because it's really, really important to know how to account for a solid waste landfill. Isn't it?

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