Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy turkey day!

Oh. Hi.

My geeky boyfriend (trust me, it's endearing) has me up at 5am scouring the internetz for low prices for a new digital camera. I'm stuck between two, and the fun! part is that the one that's more expensive (by $50 or so) is a tad crappier, but skinnier. So basically I'm paying a good chunk of change for less function and a smaller size. Bahhh. This is tough.

Of course, aforementioned boyfriend drove me insane today for reasons I can't go into, and is telling me to buy the camera I want and offering to pay the difference. Thing is, we already agreed no Christmas gifts because we're going to NYC over break and the money we'd have spent on gifts is going toward things to do there. So yeah.

Anyway! I'll be getting only four hours of sleep tonight, it seems. No, I don't need to be up to cook or clean... I need to watch the parade, damnit! I think my favorite part has to be that huuuuuge group of people that get to wear the matching colored sweatshirts and white gloves and pants, and do an awesome dance. Wheeee!

...right. I probably should've planned to get more than four hours of sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Hope you enjoy your day - eat lots of food and let the tryptophan lull you to sleep. Mmmm, sleep. My favorite. But not before I eat pumpkin pie. Mmmm, pie.

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EP said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope it was a lovely day!