Wednesday, December 24, 2008

we need a little christmas now.

So it's basically been a non-stop week for me since I came home from school. And now, for your reading pleasure, a bulleted entry! I can hear you applauding already.

  • Finals sucked, but I managed decent grades and pulled up my GPA the teensiest bit.
  • I slept, quite literally, all day Tuesday into Wednesday.
  • I came down with some Mystery Rash, which is localized in two spots - my chest and my back. I have no idea what it is. It's blistering. I'm slightly concerned, but clearly not enough to go to the doctor. I'm waiting another week for it to clear up.
  • A huge chunk of my time went towards shopping. This is the longest I've ever taken to shop.
  • The Hannah Montana craze is INSANE. And yet, when my dance teacher's 3-year-old daughter puts on her fake hair extensions and her headset microphone and belts out every word a good chunk of the lyrics to "Best of Both Worlds," it's SUPER ADORABLE.
  • Fighting with The Boy is no fun. Good thing our fights usually blow over pretty easily.
  • Not to jinx it or anything, but after my Day of Sleep last week, I've been on a decent sleeping schedule. Passed out by 1am (obviously I've missed that target today), awake by 11am. Am I finally fixed?!
  • Christmas Eve and Day (both of which we celebrate) are both at my house. So all that time I wasn't shopping, I was cleaning (and redecorating) my room and the house. Pictures to come!
That's pretty much it. Break has been super enjoyable so far. Probably because I haven't really been to work at all. And, it helps that I seriously (and strangely) enjoy cleaning and prepping for big parties.

I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas and/or other holiday celebrations!


EP said...

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

ashley said...

yeah isabella is super adorable!!!..."she loves me"...haha!