Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election day!


It's finally here! It's election day! And I am ridiculously excited!

Seriously, it's pretty monumental. I have a right to be excited. Don't judge me! I'm on very little sleep due to it being Day 2 of my Hell Week.

I mailed in my absentee ballot last week, so no fun-and-exciting experience for me. I know, I know.. it's exciting to just participate. But I'm missing out on the waiting in lines! And going in the booth! And.. and.. pushing buttons! Or whatever it is, exactly, that you do in the booth.

Anyway. Even with the insane amount of work I have to do today, I'll be spending most of my evening glued to the TV, watching the results pour in. I really want to find some people to watch with, but my friends are all going home to vote, and The Boy and I voted for separate candidates. Yes, that shouldn't make a difference, but when the election is brought up, we tend to discuss it way more than I would like. So I feel that watching together just isn't the idea of a fun date. Unless I can find someone to watch with, I'll probably end up chatting with people I don't know on some random forum. Yay, dorkiness!

Considering I have a quiz in my ten o'clock class, I should probably get as much sleep as I can.. which is only three hours at this point. Hell Week is AWESOME! Thank God for coffee.


ashley said...

"The Boy and I voted for separate candidates"...i like him more already...lol...also good luck with all your school stuff!!! and get some more sleep...

Anna said...

Happy Election Day! I will be glued to the TV all night too. I can't wait to see who the new President is!