Friday, September 5, 2008

run down

I just typed "" into my address bar instead of "" I'M TIRED. And apparently very sick, too. Why don't I seem phased by that? Well.. I don't feel particularly ill, except for my awful sore throat. It started bothering me on Tuesday night but hasn't really worsened day by day. Otherwise, I'm fine and dandy for a girl who's staying up until 4am doing homework for a class at 10am the same day. Seriously though? My throat looks really, really scary. There are red spots on the roof of my mouth and some sort of sores on my tonsils... blechhh. I really hope it's just strep so I can get some meds and be on my way to feeling better.

School is trying to kick my ass, but I'm fighting back hard. It's not uncommon when The Boy and I study together to hear ME telling HIM to focus. Crazy, right?! I don't know what's come over me. I'm actually reading. And learning. And answering problems.. CORRECTLY! It's doing wonderful things for my ego, but unfortunately I haven't gotten the time management down yet. Like how I still have another problem to tackle for my class at 10am today. Which is in seven hours. And I have to sleep.

I'm hoping to fall more gracefully into my school schedule now that there are no more three-day weekends to fill with activities and throw off my sleeping. Labor Day was absolutely fantastic, as I spent most of the weekend dancing, eating, or sleeping. Friday was a trip to the mall with Lynds, where I bought a cute Going Out to Tha' Club dress and a top that we both picked out to try on without consulting each other. I'm convinced we're the same person.

Saturday was a block party at Lynds's shore house, where I was tempted to get my drink on but couldn't because I was driving two hours home at the end of the night. Boo. Because they totally had Jell-O shots around eight. BOO I SAY. I had a ton of fun anyway - the theme was Christimas so Lynds, her friend Erin, and I were all walking around together in matching red-and-white outfits (unintentionally, I swear). Everyone is so friendly down there. I went down earlier this summer and was the palest girl on the beach, so when I was at the party, one of the neighbors kept referring to me as Sunburn Girl. BAHAHA I love it. Anyway, I danced the night away, sweating from every pore because the party was outside in the humidity. I totally did not care - I was dancing so hard.. sort of as a last hurrah to what was probably one of the best (if not THE best) summers of my life.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful. I slept. A lot. And yet I guess not enough seeing as my throat is rebelling against me.

This week has been tiresome and it went by super fast. I can't believe it's Friday already, but I am so glad it's the weekend. Now I can actually catch up and, oh my goodness, maybe even get ahead in my schoolwork! And sleep a lot. Can't forget the sleeping. Mmm, my favorite.

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