Sunday, August 31, 2008


This past week has been a total blur. I was reunited with all my college friends, started classes, got settled in my dorm, and did more hanging out than work. I can't help that, though - both of my classes on Thursday were canceled, and since they meet on Mondays and Thursdays, I haven't had either of those classes yet.

I suppose I should also mention that I spent probably more time with The Boy than was necessary, but hey - we only saw each other four times over the summer. We had some, erm, catching up do to. A-heh. Actually, in all seriousness, we decided that until The Big Elephant Issue was resolved, there would be very limited physical activity. And guess what? The Big Elephant Issue? IT HAS BEEN [mostly] RESOLVED. Basically? I need to learn to suck it up and say what I feel instead of holding it in until I'm 99.9% sure of what I want to say.

So.. that's pretty exciting. (Understatement of the year.)


I don't feel like recapping my Labor Day Weekend halfway through, so since I was tagged by my lovely Meloogal, I will now disclose seven random facts about myself.

#1. I have never been on an airplane. Ever. Unless you count the time I was a fetus in my mama's belly and she flew to Ireland. Other than that, I've never even been in an airport. To be honest, I'm dreading the first time I'll have to fly because it's becoming more and more likely that I'll be flying on my own, which scares the crap out of me even more. It doesn't help that I have motion sickness which is amplified by mild claustrophobic tendencies.

#2. I [heart] video games. I guess it's because I have a younger brother, but we have a bunch of different systems and a ton of games to go with each. As a pre-teen, any spending money I got was immediately put towards trips to Best Buy to get the newest games. Sometimes I feel like a dork for admitting this, but then I realized that guys love chicks who play video games. BOOYAH.

#3. Up until two months ago, I had never been kissed. And up until this past summer, I'd never had a boyfriend, either. It was a struggle to be twenty-one and have no experience, not only because I felt like nobody would ever like me, but also because I would panic about that lack of experience as each year passed. But now that it all happened, I feel like I was really worrying too much about it.

#4. I once had a pet hamster. I believe I got her when I was fourteen and she lived for about three years. I tend to forget that I had her, but I loved her very much. Hamsters fall second on my list of preferred pets, with cats ranking first.

#5. I can't deal with my clothes being disorganized in either my closet or my bureaus. I just recently got over the need to fold my underwear and have it neatly lined up in my drawer. Yeah, I know. However, my closet remains organized in color order and my other clothes are folded in specific ways in my drawers.

#6. My favorite kind of ice cream from a parlour is soft-serve vanilla with any of the following toppings: chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, or Oreo cookie pieces (or if they have it, any kind of crumbled candy bar pieces). It's my go-to ice cream when I don't really like any of the other available options.

#7. I am ridiculously obsessed with anything holiday-themed. Decorations, candy, food - you name it, I want a part of it. Just ask my townhouse roommates from last year. I decorated - when possible - for every holiday, and bought related candy items when I had money. If I can afford it and I have time, I will probably be "one of those people" who seasonally changes the decorations in my house.

Argh. I suppose now I have to actually tag people. Um.. can I be a lazy bum and just go with the standard "if you want to do this, go ahead" line? Great, thanks.


ashley said...

yeah...we are going to need to do something about are coming to vegas with me in january no questions about it!!!

EP said...

I'm happy that you're back at school and all is well. I also love this meme. I wasn't kissed until I was 20.5, so I know how you feel about that. It's all good now, though. Hooray for us late starters!