Thursday, July 10, 2008

inside my brain

Some thoughts this morning:
  • I need a new Sun & Sand candle from Yankee Candle. It's the most wonderful scent I've ever experienced because basically it smells exactly as its title suggests.
  • I hate making phone calls. Hate. Haaaaate. One lingering item on my to-do list for the past year or so has been to call the new dentist's office I'm planning on going to and making an appointment. The fact that it's been about A YEAR just shows how unwilling I am to make that phone call.
  • For somebody who like to stay up late, I really, really enjoy this whole Getting Up Early and Being Really Productive deal. It works really well for me.
  • Why do things between The Boy and I need to be so frustrating? GAH.
And now I'm off to muster up all the courage in my entire body just to make a stupid phone call. Why can't everything be online? That would make my life so much easier.


Jenn said...

I hate making phone calls too. I need to get an immunization form filled out for school and I've been hanging onto it for months.

Jamie Lovely said...

I agree on the phone calls. I hate talking on the phone!

Anonymous said...

I also avoid phone calls. Doing things online is so much easier!