Monday, July 14, 2008

weirdness, work, and weekends

Every so often, I get into a very strange mood where I act like I'm ten years old and buzz around my parents, annoying the life out of them. Literally. I can see the days peeling off of their lives as they look at me thinking, wait a second, aren't you twenty-one now? I really don't know what triggers these moods.

I did notice, however, a few weeks ago I was doing it to overcompensate. It was the day after The Boy and I broke up... went on break... WHATEVER it is that we're doing right now. I don't think my parents expected me to be upset, and yet I bounced down the stairs and into the kitchen, humming and acting like I was experiencing a full-blown sugar rush. And this was after just waking up. I definitely realized that I was thinking pshhhh! This break-up thing is nothing. I'm totally fine! Look! PERFECT EXAMPLE OF FINE-NESS. Ahem.

Not that I was necessarily too broken up about it anyway. But.. that's another story for another day.


Sooner or later, I knew that my tasks at work would turn into manual labor. Fun, right? Here's the scoop - my boss runs a small branch of a publishing company from her house. Usually I do a lot of data entry and typing on the computer (while simultaneously wasting my life away on teh internetz). However. Recently she sold her house and has the unfortunate task of packing up not only her own stuff, but all the business-type stuff as well. Enter: me. Especially since there's been a dearth of computer work for me. So this afternoon, most of my two hours was spent putting old files into boxes, checking them for CDs or other disks and throwing those away. Joy and joyness.

I can't lie - I love my job. Although recently, I think it's just that I like the idea of my job. I have very flexible hours and usually go in for only two to three hours at a time. I get to sit at a computer the whole time, which means constant internet access, I can talk on the phone, I can bring food.. basically, I get to do whatever I want as long as my work gets done. The only problem is that the work I do is the most boring stuff on the face of the planet. I deal with it because I don't mind data entry, but there are some days when I wanna slam my head through the computer screen. Additionally, my boss tends to be very unorganized, making her my polar opposite. My organizational tendencies are off the charts and are borderline OCD. So that occasionally frustrates me beyond belief. But you know what? It's a job. It's my only source of income. I think I'll deal with it.


This weekend was quite lovely. Saturday was spent with The Boy, and that's all I'm saying there. Sunday I went out with my favorites from my dance school - Ashley, Barbara, and Cort. We're all kinda bummed because Barb's moving to Vegas at the end of the summer, so we're trying to get all our quality time in before then.

First we went mini-golfing in the heat. Guess who got sunburned?!

(LAMENESS FACTOR NUMBER 1: I am incredibly, disgustingly pale.)

Then we escaped to Friendly's for food and stuff. And the waitress took way too long to serve us our drinks, seen here:

And as you can see, we ordered ice cream. Well, sort of.

(LAMENESS FACTOR NUMBER 2: I ordered fruit sherbet at Friendly's. FRUIT. SHERBET. WITH MANDARIN ORANGES. Seriously, WTF.)

That was my weekend. What did YOU do?


Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds like fun!

Helping your boss move sounds a lot less fun. Hopefully that'll end soon.

I had out of town guests for the weekend so that was fun and it was definitely nice to see them :)

meloogal said...

Lameness factor #3: Former roomie nowhere to be found :( Sorry I have been MIA from Facebook messages and such. I miiiiiiss you! Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah!!

ashley said...

yay for mini golf!!! i must say we were one tirsty crowd

Jenn said...

Yay mini-golf! Oooo that ice cream looks good!