Thursday, July 10, 2008

SYTYCD: the top twelve

So, as you already know, I'm an avid fan of anything dance. My favorite TV show of all time? So You Think You Can Dance? It's absolutely amazing. I'm so happy that it brings dance into the spotlight and encourages people to start taking classes and all that good stuff. And since this blog is mine, alllllll mine, I'm going to review the episodes on here. I hope to do this every week, but knowing me, I'll probably miss a few shows here and there.

Anyway, I hope that at least a few of my readers watch the show (besides Ash and Dawnie), so that you're not like "what the hell is she even talking about? This is boring."

The Top Twelve.

So instead of going dance by dance, I'm gonna go couple by couple. I feel like in general this week, everyone either had one or no good dances. From what I can remember, nobody had two outstanding routines.

Let's start with Chelsie and Mark, my favorite couple at the moment.

Their first routine was salsa, and I thought it was pretty good. I felt like Mark maybe didn't have the technique down that well, but the performance was great. That lift at the end was a little weird as well.. and I hate when the ending is weird. I always expect something amazing for endings, and having the lift at the end was just kinda anticlimactic.

Their second routine was Broadway. I was majorly unimpressed. Basically it was me imagining my theater girls from dance doing this routine and not having the same acrobatic-type choreography happening in front of me. The end of the pre-package was cute though!!

Chelsie: That's a W-A-R-P... ?
Mark: Try W-R-A-P. That's a WARP!

Next we've got... Kherington and Twitch! Not my favorites - I can't stand Kherington (for no real reason), but I do love Twitch.

First up was krump. Twitch definitely nailed it, but that's close to his style, so that was no surprise. Kherington did pretty well with it, but I felt like there were moments where she looked really tired or something. And, there was a moment where she messed up the choreography a little bit.

Next they had smooth tango. Kherington was definitely stronger this time around, while Twitch was sadly kind of disappointing. I liked the Mr. and Mrs. Smith theme though and thought that overall, it was pretty good.

Third on my list is Courtney and Gev! These two work so well together, but I'm almost afraid they'll be not so great with other partners. I guess we'll see next week.

They picked cha cha for their first dance AND GOT PASHA AND ANYA AS CHOREOGRAPHERS. So much love. Pasha is on of my favorites from last season. Eee! And oh my goodness, it was fabulous. They both got the footwork and the whole energy of it... yay! I loved the whole "message" thing in the pre-package, too.

Then they had a jazz routine that was completely awesome. They had a map and were dressed like they were on a safari, and it was just amazing. The intricate movements were great and the lifts were effortless. They both had the characters down. They were probably my favorite of the night in terms of me liking both of their routines.

Let's move on to Katee and Joshua, one of my other favorite couples.

First up? Viennese Waltz. My favorite dance style ever on the face of the earth, mostly due to this routine right here. But we won't get into that, or else my crazy fangirl side will really reveal itself, and things could get ugly. Ahem. I agree with the judges who said that Josh was very bouncy, HOWEVER. The emotion was perfect, and the actual footwork was completely there. He just missed the smoothness of the steps, that's all. It was beautiful. Katee was wonderful! And that snake movement at the end came across flawlessly.

Second for them was Bollywood. This is the first time it was done on the show, and I thought it was fabulous. I think I'll even go as far as saying it's my favorite routine of the night. Indian dancing intrigues me - the specific and intricate movements are just wonderful to watch. These two NAILED IT. I was shell shocked, only because I figured that yeah, it's easy for people in that culture because they've been exposed to it all their lives. But this just blew me away. Amazing!

Then there's Jessica and Will. My least favorite girl and my favorite guy (and overall competitor).

Their first routine was contemporary, choreographed by my favorite, Tyce Diorio. I loved it! It was just very raw dancing - the music and the costumes were minimal, with the focus on the movement. It was just so earthy and wonderful. Loved it. My second favorite of the night.

Then they had quickstep, better known as the "kiss of death" on this show. That's basically because it's so hard to get the technique down in just a few days.. although I've gotta say, if NOBODY has been able to do it well so far, maybe the choreographers aren't teaching them well enough. But anyway. It was actually really cute! The downfall of most quicksteps is that the dancers are focusing so hard on getting it right that they just paste this really fake-looking smile on their faces. This at least felt natural and fun. The ending was adorable, too.

Finally there's Comfort and Thayne, my least favorite couple left in the competition and also for this week. They just don't click, but more importantly, Comfort doesn't really deserve to still be there.

They had hip hop first. It was actually really good, which is more than I expected. My eyes were drawn to her, but when I watched him, I realized he was keeping up really, really well. Overall I was impressed. Napoleon and Tabitha are really doing well with all their pieces.

Their second dance was contemporary, which was a big letdown. That dress Comfort had on was really ugly. They had NO connection whatsoever. The choreography was probably lovely, but just wasn't feeling it at all.


So those are my reactions from this week. Hopefully some of you already watch the show, but if not, I really suggest that you do. Just take a look at some of the dances (I linked all of them), preferably in high-quality.

And to end this post, I'd like to welcome one of my very best friends to the blogosphere - Ashley! She's over at Confessions of a Giggler (awesome name, isn't it!?), so go check her out!


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I've never seen the show but it sounds like I should tune in :)

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