Sunday, June 29, 2008

everything looks perfect from far away

Well hello there!

Yes, I've been neglecting this poor little blog. Unfortunately, I don't even have anything very exciting as an excuse.

Now that dance is over, my days lack a schedule and a general purpose. I get up whenever, do whatever, then go to bed whenever. It gets very dull very quickly. So I've been trying to set up opportunities to hang out with people whenever possible.

Last weekend was pretty fun. On Friday my grandparents came over a took us out to lunch. At night, I went to this diner-like restaurant for my dance friend Dacia's birthday, followed by a late-night swim in her heated pool. I decided that once I have a bajillion (or so) dollars, I'm getting one of those installed.

Saturday was my cousin's eighth grade graduation party, which was held at my aunt and uncle's shore house. I had a total blast, mostly because I got to have alcohol. Yay, margaritas! The night ended on a sour note, because I had planned to spend the night there to have some quality time with Lynds, but The Boy had called me on Friday inviting me to his sister's graduation party on Sunday. After debating it all day, I decided to go see The Boy because I didn't know how often I'd see him this summer, whereas I knew I'd see Lynds a whole bunch. Unfortunately, she got really pissed off about it, and is actually still pushing me away. I should kinda get on that.

Sunday was one of the best days of my life. I was feeling sick all morning, but eventually that faded and I made it to The Boy's house. I spent a little bit of time getting introduced to his family, and his cousins were so sweet. Then we got away from the party for about three hours, just to walk around this wooded area near his house and talk and stuff. And by stuff, I mean kiss. And when I say kiss.. that includes my very first one, ever. It was amazing and awkward and just.. everything a first kiss is supposed to be. Anyway, we headed back to the party when we realized we'd been gone for three hours, but then we ended up in his room on his bed just laying there and talking.

[Side note: Before I continue describing my social excursions, let's bring the truth out in the open - even after an amazing time on Sunday, The Boy and I are now on a break. It's been a crazy week, with an intense discussion on religion. It was really putting a strain on us, because to sum it up, he's very strong in his faith and I'm really not. Ultimately I decided it was better for me to learn and grow on my own, without the pressure of wanting to do it for our relationship. So right now, we're somewhere between going out and being friends. And it really sucks, bee-tee-dubbs.]

Anyway. My latest outing was with my lovely Lady Lumps, Danielle and Natalie - we decided last-minute to go to Natalie's and have a sleepover. Danielle picked me up around four on Wednesday afternoon, and we drove up to Natalie's house in the middle of nowhere. After grabbing dinner at Panera's, Natalie dropped us off at her friend's house, then abandoned us for a staff meeting at Sam's Club. When she was done, we went to Applebee's, which was packed because there's very little to do in Natalie's town. Back at Natalie's, we talked to The Boy on the phone (yes, I said we.. hey, he wanted to!), watched Step Mom (Dani cried through the whole thing), ate chocolate covered pretzels, and fell asleep. The next morning we stayed in bed and watched Sister Sister until Dani and I had to leave.

Thursday afternoon was Emily's graduation party, which was really fun and also depressing because the kids I used to babysit were there. And they're OLD. I sat for them when the oldest was in fifth grade, and now the oldest is going to be a sophomore in high school. The middle girl? HAS A CELLPHONE NOW. The last time I saw her she was a little third-grader! Jeez. It makes me feel extremely old.

So that sums up where I've been for the past two weeks. What a roller coaster, right? I still need to talk to Lyndsay and hopefully get her to understand why I picked The Boy over her. And, I need to figure out the whole thing with The Boy, too. Sigh. Life's complicated.

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