Monday, June 30, 2008


There's nothing more satisfying than a brandy-new layout. Yes, that's a self-made header. Jealous? You should be. There's quite an interesting (and also mildly embarrassing) explanation behind my knowledge of Photoshop. To sum it up simply, I got obsessed with a computer game, joined an online community and even created a website based on the game.

The sad part? This took place through high school. The game was not intended for high-school-aged people. What comforted me was that there were quite a few of us who were a little older than the age range for the game. In fact, I still frequent a forum where my friends and I just talk about regular stuff, not about the game anymore. I've even met one of them in person.

Anyway. Making the website taught me HTML and how to use Paintshop/Photoshop, and usually people are really impressed with those awesome skillz and ask me where I got them. So now you know.

In addition to the beautiful new layout, I also updated my favorites list. Some of those have been in my Google Reader for a while now, and I was just too lazy to add them. What else did I do? Oh yeah! I updated my little profile blurb, and added the RSS Feed link. Feel free to, you know, click on that and add me to your reader, if you haven't already.

And now, I'm off to do work for my summer course, which is what I was avoiding by messing around with my layout. I am the Queen of Procrastination! Bow down to me!


Anonymous said...

I love the new layout and I'm totally jealous of your html skillz (no matter how you learned)!

Jenn said...

I envy your HTML skills. Cute header :)