Sunday, June 1, 2008

social butterfly

What a week.

After resting for Monday and Tuesday (I can barely remember what I even did on Tuesday), I spent the following four days hanging out with friends.

Wednesday I went back to work and then headed over to Danielle's house for pizza and a movie. We watched 27 Dresses which was absolutely adorable. Loved it. I was so glad to see and talk to Danielle, because I had a lot on my mind about The Boy. She's our mutual friend and has been giving us both a lot of advice about this whole thing. It was just so nice to talk everything out and, in the process, figure out some things that had been on my mind.

Thursday was Roomie Reunion day, so Katie (my freshmen year roommate) and Melissa (my sophomore/junior year roommate) came over. We went to Friday's for lunch where I filled them in about The Boy and they gave me some stellar advice based on their own relationships. I actually learned so much from them because I was there for the beginnings of both of their current relationships. The most important thing I gleaned is that, in the early stages, changing your mind is pretty typical. That definitely happened to me, so knowing it had happened to my friends, I made sure to stick it out and realize what I wanted. Good thing I did.

We then roamed the mall, where Katie found a gorgeous shawl for the office. I picked up some earrings for myself and as a gift for Danielle, and got some goodies over at Yankee Candle. Yankee Candle is becoming a tradition with the three of us, and consists of us going into the store and smelling all the candles, deciding whether or not they truly smell like they're supposed to. We learned something new on Thursday - to get the best scent, you smell the inside of the lid on the jar candles instead of the candle itself. Now we know the true secret of becoming Candle Connoisseurs.

Friday was absolutely amazing, I must say - I went to see The Boy. We grabbed lunch at Panera, I met his family, and basically we upped our comfort level with each other. It was wonderful, but at the same time it's causing me to miss him a lot more. He's going to the city for research for about two months, and he'll only be home on the weekends. I'm either planning on visiting him in the city sometime, or driving down to his house when he's home one weekend. Still, it's probably going to be only once or twice over the next two months, which is definitely not enough. Boo.

Yesterday I actually got to sleep in. Thursday and Friday's plans were earlier in the day, and luckily yesterday's plans were for dinner and movie with Danielle and Natalie. We went to Applebees where I ordered that salad with the shrimp and avocado - I kept seeing commercials for it and was craving it. Then it was time for Sex and the City. It was fabulous! Even though I don't regularly watch the show, I have seen a few episodes and sorta know the characters. I thought the atmosphere of the theater was great too - everyone was watching it as if they were on their living room sofas watching the TV show. You could hear chatter, but nobody minded. Of course, the best part was when Carrie opens the doors to her walk-in closet; all the women in the theater gasped, ouu'd and ahh'd. It was great. I love movies that solicit a lot of audience response.

So I finally have a day to hang out and do nothing. Although.. I've already started trying to make more plans. What can I say? I'm in a very social mood lately. I think it's because I was so cut off from my friends, who were all on vacation earlier in the month. Anyway, today's plans would either be dance stuff with Ash and Cort, TV with Lynds, or a movie with Emily, so they would all be very laid back.

Alright, time for some sleep. While I'm catching some Z's and having a relaxing Sunday, tell me about your week/weekend! Did you see SATC? What'd you think?

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